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Appendix B: Sources on the Burma Railway and Japanese Prison Camps

Web Links

Han Samethini Remembered (The story of Frank's younger brother, Henri Samethini)

Far Eastern Heroes

Prisoners of War of the Japanese 1942-1945

Center for Research, Allied POWs Under the Japanese

Prisoner of War Camp #1, Fukuoka, Japan - Wes Injerd's Site

COFEPOW - Children (& families) of Far East Prisoners of War

De Birma Spoorlijn (The Burma Railway) - Dutch web site

The Dutch East Indies Campaign 1941-1942

Dutch East Indies - Elizabeth Van Kampen's personal account of the Japanese occupation



I'm One of the Lucky Ones: I Came Home Alive, by Raymond C. Heimbuch (Heimbuch, captured in the Philippines, was at Yokkaichi and Toyama camps. To order an autographed copy of his book, e-mail him at

We Volunteered: A Biography of Carl Robert Ruse, by Timothy C. Ruse (Ruse was an American POW at Yokkaichi). To order a copy of this book, click here.

Prisoners of the Japanese, by Gavan Daws (A searing, intensively researched account of the Far East POW experience. Frank Samethini was one of the many hundreds of ex-POWs interviewed by the author)

To End All Wars, by Ernest Gordon (Gordon, of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, was an inmate at Chungkai)

Prisoner on the Kwai, by Basil Peacock

Foo: A Japanese-American Prisoner of the Rising Sun, by Frank Fujita

The Defining Years of the Dutch East Indies, 1942-1949, edited by Jan A. Krancher


Films and Documentaries

To End All Wars (A movie loosely based on Ernest Gordon's book of the same name. Gives a much more accurate picture of Burma Railway conditions than The Bridge on the River Kwai)

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